“Return life back”: a conference on anxiety disorders will be held in Moscow

Conference “Disorders that are not talked about” will be held on November 14. Speakers will discuss a wide range of topics: panic attacks, eating disorder, obsessive-compulsive syndrome. A separate discussion will be devoted to the social adaptation of children.

How the idea of a conference was born?

Olga Blindyaeva, organizer: After the publication of the book “Pro Panic attacks”, I talked with different people and found that the level of awareness of panic attacks is now the same as 15 years ago. Around disparate and unsystematized data, so finding useful is not easy, and the issue of choosing a doctor and a treatment route should be acute.

In addition, the theme of mental features has become almost fashionable. “Blinks of a mental feature” do not understand at all how the disorders are actually painful: they do not give the opportunity to dispose of their own time, and sometimes their own body.

I decided that I can collect in one place advanced and professional information and debunk inadequate myths.

How would you describe the conference?

Educational and practical. At the conference, we will talk about the importance of understanding and pronouncing our own feelings, about the development of emotional intelligence, we will learn about the formation of basic confidence in

the family and understand how a stable flexible psyche helps with the processes of adaptation, which means it prevents the appearance of anxious disorder.

The conference is one of the tools that help “return life back”. And also this is an occasion to talk about the problem of public, without fear of stigmatization and hanging labels. I would like to have more clear and structured information about disorders, with algorithms of action when symptoms appear.

Imagine, according to statistics, people with obsessive-compulsive disorder seek help only 10-12 years after the onset of the disease! I myself spent almost 15 years on my life “in the shade”.

The society and the faced with mental disorders themselves should understand that such diagnoses as “panic attacks” or “obsessive-compulsive disorder” are not a sentence. Psychotherapy, bodily and art practitioners, even drug treatment in the most acute periods-all this really helps. Quick effect and return to normal life are possible.

Such an event is not just a transmission of information, but a specially organized atmosphere, perhaps even a holiday. For people who suffer from disorders, the output “in the light” to help themselves is already a therapeutic effect. A visit will leave a good aftertaste and give a long charge of inspiration to begin to move towards recovery.

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